Dice With Death

The Dungeons and Dragons podcast where anyone could die with a roll of the dice.

Listen to your new favourite Dungeons and Dragons podcast

Dice with Death is an actual play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where anyone could die with a roll of the dice. 

Join Oli Batman, Jamie Powis, Amy Mallett, and Adam Wilbourn every 2 weeks for a D&D adventure in the homebrew world of Parlette.

You can listen to us on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music or any other podcasting app you use. 

Meet the Party

Adam Wilbourn

Titus 'Thunder Bastard'

You’ll know Adam as the lanky, specky, ginger bloke who loves all things wrestling, football and quizzes. From the land of the Crooked Spire (Chesterfield in the UK), Adam gets to talk about everything he loves at WhatCulture.com. With his high charisma score, Adam used to charm radio listeners across the West Midlands on his evening show too.

In Dice with Death, Adam is Titus ‘Thunder Bastard’ Caligarvi, a member of the Galactic Wrestling Federation who missed his shot at becoming champion.

P.S. If you think Adam’s shirts are snazzy you can get your own Claudio Lugli shirt with 10% off by using the code ADAMWC10 (Adam may get a small commission from a purchase too)

Amy Mallett

Alyssa 'Vixen' Steadyheart

Described by her family as a “professional teenage boy”,  Amy Mallett is a branded content manager, creative producer and gaming presenter dwelling in the mystical realm of London. Originally from Wellingborough, a town overrun by lazy NPCs known as chavs and nicknamed “Well’Rough”, it’s a wonder she survived long enough to discover her biggest passions in life: video games, tattoos, and David Lynch. She never shuts up about Final Fantasy, Twin Peaks, or Grim Fandango, or the fact she has the platinum trophy for Sekiro, like a badass shinobi bish. 

As for real life achievements, Amy won the IGN Superstar award in 2020 and was nominated for MCV’s Woman in Gaming in 2019. She’s also the host and creator of My Game Fiction Addiction – an indie podcast celebrating video game storytelling.

Jamie Powis


The literal, metaphorical and spiritual Dad of the group, Jamie Powis is a marketer hailing from a sunny town called Wolverhampton (UK). A socially awkward socialite, Jamie loves spending time at gigs, at the cinema, exploring exhibitions and playing video games. With an animal handling proficiency off the scale, he owns three dogs, a snake, and a cat who regularly features on the Podcast. After listening to hours of D&D podcasts (The Adventure Zone, Not Another DnD Podcast and Critical Role), Jamie finally visited a local gaming cafe with Dice with Death co-founder Oli Bateman and played for the first time. 

In Dice With Death, Jamie plays Aark. An Aarakocra soldier turned cleric who’s been banished from his homeworld for disobeying orders. At 25, he’s a tired old bird who wants to return home to see his family one last time before he dies.

With a shed load of radio experience, Jamie edits the main podcast too.

Oli Bateman

Direct Messenger (Dungeon Master/Game Master)

Once described as “That lad in the hat”, Oli Bateman is a content producer, freelance games writer, former radio producer and D&D fanatic residing in London, United Kingdom. Originally from Exeter in the South West, Oli grew up as part of the burgeoning punk rock, hip-hop and skate scenes putting on shows throughout his teens and 20’s. Having studied music at University, and moved to the West Midlands for work, Oli discovered his passion for Dungeons & Dragons after a particularly potent encounter at a TTRPG gaming cafe, accompanied by podcast co-founder and cast member Jamie Powis. Much like the rest of the cast, Oli has a love of video games, tattoo art and musical subgenres, and now after many death saves and an unhealthy addiction to dice, a love of collaborative storytelling around a table with his dear friends. 

In Dice with Death, Oli is the DM or Direct Messenger, overseeing Jamie, Amy and Adam’s shenanigans as they adventure through the neo high-fantasy solar system of Paalette.