C1E5 – Ballerina made of Wind – The Ujian Chronicles

With time running out, Zakaiya (IGN’s Amy Mallett), Titus (WhatCulture.com’s Adam Wilbourn) and Aark (Jamie Powis) race to escape the Solar Naval facility before it explodes. To make matters worse, they’ve managed to unleash a weapon of mass destruction known as Plane Walker.

Will a hobbling Aark eventually make it to the escape elevator? Can Zakaiya defeat her toughest enemy yet – a wooden crate? Will Titus finally show off some of his wrestling moves? Will Oli Bateman, our Direct Messenger, kill off the entire party?

Most importantly, will anyone die with the roll of a dice? Listen to Dice With Death, a performative Dungeons and Dragons podcast, to find out.

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