C1E8 – The Vines – Tales of Ilyiad

Zakaiya (IGN’s Amy Mallett), Aark (Jamie Powis) and Titus (What Culture’s Adam Wilbourn) heroically hide in Mystic Helena’s wardrobe while a gang of thugs search her room.

Can Titus stealth his way out of this? Will Zakiaya eventually sober up from all that Blackelberry Mead? Will Aark stop moonwalking? Will Direct Messenger Oli Bateman end this episode with another gunshot? Listen to Dice With Death, a performative Dungeons and Dragons podcast, to find out.

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Oh, if you listen to this episode and have no idea what Vines are, here’s a helpful catch up – https://youtu.be/1JOS0GHFmBk

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